Kirill Novikov

Fullstack Javascript Developer


I have more than 10 years experience, working in both startup and big enterprise projects. During this time I have come to understand that being a good developer is not just about writing code. A good developer should solve tasks in conditions of uncertainty, decompose requirements, search for a balance between technologies and business, think first about business value, and should have the ability to support the solution with tests and a solid environment. He should also have good communication skills and be able to quickly learn new things.



  • FP and OOP paradigms
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Design patterns and architecture patterns like microservices
  • Team leading, agile, scrum, code review


  • Languages: JS (ES5, ES6, ESNext), TypeScript, Ramda
  • Web: React (Redux, Sagas, Router, Styled, PostCSS, SSR, etc.), MobX, VueJS etc.
  • Mobile: React Native, Android (Java)
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Foundation, SaSS, WebAPI
  • Backend: NodeJS, Express, PM2, PhantomJS
  • Environment: Webpack, Babel, Gulp
  • Test: Jest, Sinon, Mocha, Chai, Selenium, Webdriver

Data storage

  • Postgress, IBM DB2, MySQL
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • Kafka


  • Languages: Java, Groovy
  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Apache Lucene
  • Environment: Maven, Apache Tomcat, Jenkins
  • Test: JUnit, Selenium


  • AWS (EC2, Serverless, S3, etc.), Docker, Nginx, HAProxy
  • GIT, Github, CircleCI
  • Ruby, Clojure

Employment History

Hive / Full-stack javascript developer (2018-present) / Remote work

  • Hive is a leading company in IoT in the British market. Hive has 3 million active users and at least 30 different device models. Hive mobile application is an essential part of the business.
  • Our team had 2 goals. The first goal was migrating from IOS/Android native development to React native. The second was building production-ready process of development, testing and delivering this new application. It was a challenge because existing native applications had a lot of functionality and it grows every day.
  • As a result we moved all existing application to React native, migrating UI to next moder 2.0 version, improved stability and quality of releases. Build automated QA system with react native web.
  • We have achieved almost native application performance even for slow devices and our application rating talking itself (4.5 with 42k stars for IOS and 4,5 with 11k stars for Android)
  • We have built very difficult user flows like troubleshooting bot with simple chat UI where the user can solve a lot of problems with devices without any support team.

Hippo LLC / Full-stack javascript developer (2017-2018) / Remote work

  • As a React native developer I created different functionality: notifications, refer a friend system, buy screens, a/b testing and featuring functionality, created wrappers for native libs.
  • As a web developer, I worked on a customer experience portal where support service can solve users problems. I worked on creating both frontend(React/Redux/Blueprint) and backend(Ruby/NodeJS) parts.
  • Was involved in creating the first version of a web application(React/MobX) with the same functionality as in mobile application.
  • All infrastructure in AWS with Terraform management around.

Solidopinion / Fullstack javascript developer (2016-2017) / Remote work

  • As part of R&D team I had to create a new tech stack for the main company product - commenting widget. The main goals were to reduce complexity, improve performance and stability and create a modern development environment with CI and CD processes and good test coverage in all levels unit tests, e2e and etc.
  • First we created a boilerplate starter based on React with server side rendering support and protocol for communicating between widgets on the page.
  • Server Side Rendering application on NodeJS supported communication with Kafka for receiving updates about new comments from backend and Redis for caching.
  • As a result, we refactored most of widgets to a new stack, created a lot of documentation for main team and migrate them to this new stack.

Wiley / Fullstack javascript developer (2014-2016) / Office work

  • Our team worked on a education platform and our goal was to create a new version of webpart of this Efficientlearning.
  • As a developer I worked on creating a new architecture and implementation for web application with modern JS support and build system instead of manual building and deploying.
  • Create an e2e testing platform based on Webdriver I/O and Selenium
  • Build integration with external LTI systems like Imsglobal

DaSystems / Team lead, Web developer (2012-2014) / Office work

  • Lead team of 4 people with agile and scrum, hire developers
  • Design and develop EDM system, complex system for creating digital environment for communicating and signing a digital document inside pension fund. Near 1000 users, millions of documents.
  • Design and develop ESB system, a universal system for integration different corporate information system together with common business protocol.
  • Working on new UI version based on AngularJS, migrating from JQuery approach.

NPFE / Java developer (2010-2012) / Office work

  • Design and development for Accounting system using ZK Framework. I developed both the backend and frontend with Java tech stack.
  • Integrating this system with existing company infrastructure.

LASP / Team lead, Java developer (2010-2012) / Office work

  • Led team of 6 people, hire developers.
  • Supporting and creating new modules and functionality for AIS Pegas.
  • Migrating data from other systems.

IT Sfera / Software Developer (2007-2009) / Office work

  • Management systems for internet banners, design and develop the management systems for internet banners
  • Game 100 to 1, creating the analog of the game 100 to 1
  • Management system for a dogs nursery, design and development the management system for a dogs nursery

Freelance projects

UpWork / Lymba / Web developer, Team lead (2016) / Remote work

  • Led project from scratch. This is an application which could extract information form books and prepare tests based in this information. On client side you could manage those tests and results from pupils.
  • Design and develop SPA based on React

AutoMosGroup / Web developer (2016) / Remote work

UpWork / Carsumo / Web developer (2015) / Remote work

  • Create frontend for vehicle adverts aggregation website
  • Create scrapers for popular vehicle adverts websites such as:, with NodeJS and PhantomJS

UpWork / MagicForms / Senior Java and Web developer (2014-2015) / Remote work

  • Application for building and managing forms (analogue Google Forms)
  • Implement server and client side
  • Create REST API for IOS and Android clients

Active speaker of biggest JS community in Nizhny Novgorod

ES.Next features (ES7, ES8, ES9) (JSNN#10)

Styled components - another way to style React (JSNN#7)

NodeJS Unit testing (JSNN#6)

Open source

React-avatar - drag&drop crop avatar React component based on Canvas


Vladimir State University / Engineer degree (2004-2009)


  • Russian native
  • English Upper-Intermediate


  • Skiing
  • Tourism